If you have a driveway, you can park closer to your house and keep your car off the road. As with any aspect of your home, the driveway will need upkeep and maintenance. When choosing home improvement projects, upgrade your driveway. This part of your property is often overlooked, but an attractive driveway will improve curb appeal.

Sealing Your Driveway

On average, an asphalt driveway will last around 25 years. Asphalt seems permanent, but over time the elements can damage the surface. Apply a sealant to help protect the driveway. Your driveway should have been sealed when it was first installed. Then a sealant needs to be re-applied every three to six years to maintain the surface.

Upgrade Your Driveway With Lighting

An inexpensive way to illuminate your driveway is with solar-powered LED stake lights. If your driveway gets plenty of sunlight, these lights will charge during the day and power on automatically at dusk.

Install a Gate

A gate makes the driveway look more attractive. You’ll boost curb appeal and improve security on your property. Install a gate that opens automatically. It will be easy to use and will increase your property value.

Landscaping to Upgrade the Appearance of Your Driveway

When landscaping your driveway, there are two main approaches. You might focus on creating attractive garden beds and shrubbery near the road, or you could plant greenery or flowering plants down the length of the driveway. Focusing on the area near the road draws attention to the property. Lining the driveway with plants directs the eye to follow the path of the driveway. Both can greatly boost curb appeal.

Add Edging

Edging will mark the lines of your driveway. This is an easy project and will improve your driveway aesthetically. You can find a wide variety of edging options and pavers at your local hardware store. Choose a color and style that will complement your home and landscaping.

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