As a new homeowner, you may be overwhelmed by all the things you have to purchase. You need furniture, decor, storage solutions, and kitchen supplies. You also need a set of the most basic household tools so that you can handle minor home repairs and maintenance. Here is a list of 8 tools every homeowner should have.

Measuring Tape

Every homeowner should have a measuring tape that is at least 25 feet long and has a power lock. Sturdier tapes are easier to use, so find one that doesn’t bend easily. You’ll need a measuring tape for measuring spaces when purchasing furniture, for spacing art on the walls, and for carpentry projects.


A 16-ounce claw hammer is a standard type of hammer that every homeowner should have on hand. It will come in handy for driving nails and removing nails around the home.


A level is a tool used to determine whether a surface is straight horizontally or vertically. They are most often used for hanging pictures on the walls but also are used for bigger projects like installing cabinets and shelves and constructing decks and fences.


Handheld power drills are either battery-powered or need to be plugged in. A cordless drill is best because you can use it anywhere once it is charged. Drills are used to drill pilot holes and place and extract screws. You’ll need one to install hooks on walls, remove doors, and build a deck.

Screwdrivers are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Screwdrivers tighten and loosen screws by hand. There are two types of screwdriver heads: flathead and Phillips. Invest in a set of both with multiple size heads for any project. You’ll use a screwdriver to tighten a doorknob, remove or install an outlet cover, or open a can of paint.

Allen Wrench

An Allen wrench is a simple tool that is commonly required for assembling furniture. Get a hex key or Allen key set that comes in a variety of sizes.

Pliers are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

There are several types of pliers and you should have one of each. Some of the most common are needle-nose, slip-joint, tongue-and-groove, and lineman’s pliers.

Tools Every Homeowner Should Have Include Flashlights

You need flashlights at your home in case of a power outage, but you also need them for working with tools in dark spaces. Get handheld flashlights and headlamps so you will always have the light you need.

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