Moving into a new house is both exciting and overwhelming. As you’re preparing to relocate, make a plan to set up utilities in advance. Neglecting to do this before the move may cause delays later, everything may not be up and running on your first day in the new home.

The Process of Setting up Utilities

It only takes a bit of time to make sure you have the utilities that you need in your new home and to disconnect the ones at your old house. The utility companies you’ll need to contact may include providers for water, power, sewer, cable TV, and trash and recycling pick-up.

Step 1: To Set Up Utilities, Research Your Providers

About a month before your move, do some research to learn who your utility providers will be, especially if you’re moving to a new area. Make a checklist for yourself so you can keep track of which utilities you’ve contacted.

Depending on the area, you may only have one option for each. For things like TV and the internet, however, you may have a few companies to choose from and packages to compare. Call around to find a provider that works best for you.

Step 2: Contact Each Company to Set Up Utilities

Get in touch with each utility to either transfer your service or to establish a new account. Transferring is generally the easiest option since you only need to let them know your current address, your new address, and the date to make the change. To set up a new service with a new company, be prepared to provide a security deposit.

Don’t forget to disconnect the services you no longer need that won’t carry over to your new home. For example, if your current house uses natural gas, let them know what day you would like your service shut off. You can expect a final bill from that company, so plan your budget accordingly. Canceling the services you won’t need is as important as setting up utilities before moving.

Step 3: Double-Check Utilities on Moving Day

On moving day, make sure your new utilities have been turned on. After the move, be sure to double-check that services have been shut off at your old house. Some companies will provide this information when you log on to your account online. You can also call the provider to verify the shut-off.

Making sure the utilities are set up is quick and easy. Turn on a few lights, flush a toilet or two, and connect to the WiFi. If the services are working, your utilities are ready to use in your new home.

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