With only a little effort, by changing small habits in your day-to-day lifestyle around the home, you can drastically reduce your home’s power consumption over time. This can save you more money than you might think, while reducing your impact on the environment too.

One idea is to take shorter and cooler showers to reduce the amounting heating needed from your water heater. This may seem insignificant once-off, but on a daily basis this can have a massive effect! Next, consider turning off appliances that aren’t being used. This includes not only bigger appliances like televisions, washing machines, or computers, but even smaller electronics like chargers that continue to draw power when left unused. This not only saves power, but generally extends the life-span of the appliances when done properly. This can be made easier with smart plugs which run on a schedule, or by connecting multiple devices to a power strip to power them all off with a single switch.