Some lenders require a home inspection before the sale of a home and the buyer usually covers the cost. An inspection is not just necessary for the sale, it’s also a useful tool for homebuyers. A thorough assessment of the property is important because you don’t want to find out about serious issues after closing. Let’s look at several reasons to order a home inspection on your new home.

Uncover Hidden Issues

Even a home that looks attractive and well-kept may have issues hidden behind the scenes.

Order a home inspection and have a professional fully inspect the foundation, attic, electrical wiring system, roof, and other areas of the property. Your inspector has the knowledge to discover problems that were missed on your viewings with the real estate agent.

Order a Home Inspection to Give Yourself Options

You are under a legal obligation to buy the home after you reach an agreement with the seller. When you order a home inspection, you are able to renegotiate the deal if the inspection reveals problems.

Your real estate agent can approach the seller and discuss repairs that need to be made. Or, you might negotiate a lower selling price and agree to handle repairs on your own. A final option would be to back out of the deal completely if the inspection reveals severe repair challenges or major safety issues with the property.

Peace of Mind

Don’t get hung up on the cost of a home inspection. The price of a professional’s services is an affordable price to pay for peace of mind. The inspection could end up saving you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs. Knowing your new home is safe and ready to move into is invaluable.

Locate Structural Issues

Problems in the structural supports of the home or issues that affect the foundation are expensive to remedy. Your home inspector will inform you of any structural red flags so you don’t end up with costly, invasive repairs or regret about your purchase decision.

Discover Roof Problems When You Order a Home Inspection

The home inspector will do a full examination of the roof. He or she will determine the age of the roof and whether any repairs are imminent. Fixing or replacing an entire roof is one of the most costly home repairs you might encounter. You’ll want to know your home’s roofing is in great shape before the sale goes through.

Understand Maintenance Costs

It’s a good idea to plan for a maintenance fund when buying a home. A newly built house won’t require many repairs for the first few years. A used home, of course, may need maintenance earlier. Your inspection report will provide information on repairs that may be needed in the future. The information in the report will help you plan how much money to save each month toward upkeep and repairs.

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