Planning how to organize socks beforehand can prevent your sock drawer from overflowing so much that you can’t close it. Organizing even just socks isn’t something you do in a day, but something you learn through testing what works for you, and then constantly perfecting your system.

The first step is cleaning out your socks until you have only what you need and have space for. There are many different ways to decide how many socks to have. You can base it on the days between your laundry day, or determine how much space you have in your drawer, and then keep enough socks to fill that space.

After you’ve finished purging, you can group the remaining socks according to their size and color. Experts on organizing generally agree on using dividers to keep your socks in order. As you slowly learn how to organize socks better for the way you live, you’ll spend less and less time digging around in your drawer for the right pair.