Building a new home is an exciting experience. If your new house was just completed, you might think that a home inspection is unnecessary. However, brand new construction doesn’t mean the building is without flaws. Hire a professional inspector to make sure your new home is safe and ready for move-in. Here are reasons to schedule an inspection on new construction.

Detect Hidden Problems with an Inspection on New Construction

Minor issues with the construction are likely to go unnoticed. If not repaired, small issues can turn into bigger problems that cause more damage to your home. Problems that are commonly found in newly constructed homes include:

  • missing shingles
  • poor drainage
  • improper ductwork installation
  • cracks in the foundation
  • reversed hot and cold taps

A home inspection is a comprehensive assessment of all the systems and components. Your inspector will provide a detailed report that outlines any issues, defective materials, or safety concerns.

Minimize Your Repair Expenses

Inspecting your home before closing will give you time to have the builder address any defects. If mistakes are made during construction, it’s not too late to have them repaired on the builder’s dime. You’ll save money in the long run by ordering a home inspection to document issues before closing.

Enhanced Safety

As a homeowner, you want your house to be healthy and safe. Potential construction issues can put you and your family at risk. Gas leaks from the HVAC system are hazardous and could even be fatal.

A faulty electrical installation puts you at risk of fires and property damage. Foundation cracks can lead to structural issues and expensive repairs. Poorly installed shingles cause roof leaks and mold growth, which affect the structure of your home and your indoor air quality.

Extensive Inspection for Your Construction

Your local building inspector will check the property to make sure it meets minimum construction standards. Code enforcers only verify that the house meets city or county building codes. This is not the same as a complete home inspection.

A professional inspector will perform a detailed analysis and identify even any issues with the new property. Licensed inspectors are more thorough in checking for possible defects with the construction. They provide an in-depth inspection report listing any needed repairs and safety concerns.

Order an Inspection to Prepare for the Future

If you have plans to sell your house at some point, inspecting your newly built home is critical. Undetected construction problems could slow the process when the time comes to sell the property. The buyer will order a home inspection and any issues will be your responsibility to fix, even those dating back to the original build.

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