Steps to Take to Improve Curb Appeal

The first impression that a home makes is key to its overall appeal in the real estate market. When you are listing a home for sale, take steps to improve curb appeal. You’ll attract more buyers and earn a good return on the transaction.

Before putting your house on the market, hire a professional for any of the work that needs to be done or do it yourself for a higher return on investment.

Clearing Debris and Clutter

Remove clutter and seasonal debris from around the home, especially in areas of the yard that can be seen from the road. Keep the landscape neat and the yard clean by clearing away trash and personal belongings that affect the look of the property. Some things you’ll want to remove are:

• dead leaves and fallen branches
• gutter debris
• worn-out patio furniture
• too many parked cars in the driveway or in front of the home
• statues and landscaping decor
• bikes, children’s toys, and sporting equipment
• trash cans and recycling containers

Make Repairs to the Outside of the Home

Look carefully at the exterior features of your property. Examine outbuildings, fences, gates, the swimming pool area, as well as doors, shutters, and deck railings. Make repairs and take care of exterior maintenance. Fix missing fence slats, repair broken deck railings, and make sure gates are fully functioning.

Check the walkway and driveway for cracks and repair them. If you notice broken or chipped pavers on your property, replace them with new ones. Walk around the home and inspect the guttering. Make sure it is securely attached and that there are no holes, damaged sections, or rust.

Cleaning to Improve Curb Appeal

Pressure wash the siding to make the home look bright and clean. While you’re using the machine, clean the front porch and deck as well. A pressure washer can be used to scrub stains off of driveways and walkways, and from the pool deck.

Before having photographs taken of the property, clean all of the windows inside and out. You can make your own window cleaner with water and vinegar that will keep streaks to a minimum. Sparkling clean windows make the house look tidy and welcoming.

Maintain the Landscaping to Improve Curb Appeal

One of the most important ways of improving curb appeal is by maintaining the landscape around your house. Choose plants that are native to the region. If you’re adding new plants, stick to small shrubs and perennial greenery. This is popular because the plants are easier to care for and will multiply over time.

Ground covers are also a quick way to improve a home’s exterior. Choose a type that is easily maintained such as mulch, wood chips, and gravel. These materials will also help to suppress weeds, keep the soil moist for plants, and make garden beds look tidy.

Additional Updates

Dress up your windows to improve curb appeal by adding shutters. These decorative features add style and personality to the home. Awnings add to the aesthetics of the exterior and help protect areas from extreme weather conditions.

Instead of spending money on a new front door, paint or stain your existing door. Choose a color that complements the rest of the home’s exterior. Install new house numbers or paint/stain your current ones.

If the mailbox is by the road, it’s one of the first things a potential buyer will notice when they approach your home. Install a new mailbox or update yours with a coat of paint. When putting your home on the market, it’s best to stick to a traditional mailbox instead of a themed one that might not be everyone’s taste.

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