While using a dishwasher, you might think that it’s one of the easiest things to do, but if you are dealing with someone who never owned one, mistakes can be made. Take for example the dishwasher detergent you use. While you might be aware that you can’t use anything that isn’t made for a dishwasher to clean your dishes, a friend or family member might not know. This could lead to the mistake of using regular dish soap in your dishwasher.

While it might seem like it should work, in reality, the dish soap can cause a major issue with a dishwasher. You might all of a sudden have your dishwasher start foaming out on the floor, and opening the door will reveal a sudsy mess inside the washer.

Cleanup work after such an incident will take a lot of time. You need to remove all the sudsy water, run a rinse with just water in it, stop and repeat. If you have access to a wet-vac, that can make the work a lot easier, since it will let you remove the soapy water quickly. Running the washer without cleaning it out well will cause another incident since soap can be stuck in all parts of your washer.