You may think of home improvement being expensive and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 6 easy DIY home projects you can do for under $100.

DIY Home Projects to Change Cabinet Hardware

One of the most overlooked home upgrades that actually makes a significant difference is changing out cabinet hardware. You have cabinets and drawers in the kitchen, bathrooms, and perhaps even in the den and living room. There are countless options for handles and pulls, from vintage painted knobs to sleek modern designs.

Paint the Front Door

The front door is the focal point of the outside of your house. A muted and drab color doesn’t catch the eye. While bright and bold colors are not usually recommended for painting a home, the front door is an exception. Red doors are especially popular. If red doesn’t complement your color scheme, try yellow, green, or blue.

Add Hooks to Closets and Doors

Hooks are convenient for hanging towels, robes, purses, jackets, keys, and many other daily-used items. Adding hooks to key places on walls and doors helps keep things off the floor because you can easily hang them up. Install hooks to the backs of doors, inside closets, and next to exterior doors.

Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can be easily installed in any room. They add visual interest to large empty walls and are great for holding framed photos, books, and plants. Floating shelves are also useful for additional storage, like for holding toiletries in a bathroom.

Mount a Pegboard in the Garage

Adding a pegboard to garage walls is an easy solution for a messy toolbox. Instead of having to dig around in a cluttered toolbox every time you need a specific tool, hang all your tools neatly from the pegboard. This makes it easy to find and grab what you are looking for. Mounting pegboard costs well under $100 and only takes a few minutes.

Add Flower Beds or Boxes as DIY Home Projects

Improve curb appeal by planting flowers outside, either in flower beds or boxes. Boxes can hang from porch railings or window sills. Flower beds on either side of the pathway or around the mailbox add beauty to the landscape. You could also put flower pots on either side of the front door.

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