Hardwood flooring gives your house an attractive and classic feel and is a lower maintenance option than carpeting. However, hardwood will become dull without the proper care, losing its glossy shine and vibrant natural color. Fortunately, there are easy ways to clean and care for hardwood floors to keep them looking new longer.

How to Care for Hardwood Floors

Doormats at Every Entrance

Doormats trap dirt from your shoes and animals’ paws as you enter the house, reducing the amount of debris on your floors. To care for your hardwoods, prevent dirt from accumulating, as large particles tracked inside will scratch the flooring.

Add shelves or cubbies by the entrance doors and encourage family members and friends to remove their shoes upon entering. Making your home a shoe-free zone will also prevent scuffs from footwear.

Vacuum Regularly

Carpets are not the only type of flooring that requires vacuuming. Sweeping hardwood floors is not as effective at removing dirt and debris as vacuuming. A vacuum cleaner removes dirt trapped in small cracks and the crevices between the floorboards.

Be careful when vacuuming hardwood floors, as some vacuum settings may scratch wooden flooring. Check to see if yours has a hard floor setting, and if not, upgrade to one that does. This setting turns off the brush roller to prevent damage to the floors.

Use Hardwood Cleaning Products to Care for Your Floors

One of the most important ways to care for hardwood floors is to use the right cleaning products for the surface. Don’t use everyday floor cleaners on the hardwood. These solutions contain harsh chemicals that strip away the polished finish.

There are cleaners available that are specially formulated for hardwood flooring. Shop for products for your floor’s finish, or if you are not sure, check with your flooring manufacturer for recommendations.

Add Furniture Pads

One of the most common ways hardwood floors get scratched is from sliding furniture. To prevent this, add furniture pads to the bottoms of your chairs, tables, and sofas. These pads are usually made of felt and are small so that you won’t notice them. Yet, they prevent damage when you pull out a dining room chair or move the sofa to clean underneath it.

Keep Floors Dry

If water or other liquid stays on hardwood floors for too long, it can cause the wood to swell. To protect your flooring and prevent damage, clean up spills as soon as possible.

When mopping hardwoods, don’t soak them. It’s better to use a ​​microfiber mop for this type of flooring as it uses less liquid than a standard cotton mop.

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