Do you have a shortage of wall receptacles in your home? When you need to plug in a device, do you have to run around looking for an open spot? Maybe it is time for you to get a power strip. These have become invaluable to modern man, since we all have more devices than ever before, and homes built just a few decades ago definitely aren’t equipped with as many receptacles as we would like.

There are however some concerns with the use of power strips. Misused, these can be overloaded and start a fire. To avoid that, you should keep a few simple rules in mind.

First, never daisy chain power strips. Plugging one power strip into another can quickly overload the power strips. You should also avoid plugging in power-hungry appliances. For things such as a fridge, an air conditioner, or something similar, the power draw is too great to connect it to a power strip.

You should also avoid covering the power strip with carpet since the lack of airflow could cause it to overheat.